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Schoo Nurse Position

Employment Application

Union Public School District

P.O. Box 445
Union, MS 39365

The Union Public School District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of:

School Nurse

Notice Date: May 18, 2019

Closing Date: June 4, 2019

Location: TBD

Terms of Employment: 187 days annually

Salary: Based on education and experience

Application Deadline: June 4, 2019

Apply by submitting:


1. Qualified to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Mississippi and holds a current, unrestricted license.

2. BLS certified and has current certification card. May have 6 months to obtain.

3. BSN is not required but is highly recommended.

4. Minimum of one (1) year of experience as a nurse, preferably in community health nursing, school health nursing or pediatric nursing.

REPORTS TOSchool Principal and Superintendent

JOB GOAL: To provide the fullest possible educational opportunity for each student by minimizing absences due to illness and creating a climate of health and well-being that motivates to learn and succeed in school.

SALARYSalary shall be determined  according  to experience  and education. The School  Nurse Recommended  Salary Scale will be consulted for  guidance.


1. Demonstrates a knowledge of:

• principles and practices underlying professional nursing;

• principles and practices underlying the special field of school health using the Mississippi School Nurse Procedures and Standards of Care 2018 Manual;

• current trends in nursing and of literature in the fields of school health keeping current by attending seminars and conferences as offered by the Office of Healthy Schools, MSNA, and NASN on school nursing;

• organization and administration of other cooperating agencies;

• state and local laws relating to health and social issues; and

2. Participates cooperatively in a program of school health nursing.

3. Exercises  professional  judgment  in making decisions.

4. Communicates appropriately and effectively with students, parents, administrators, and other school  personnel.

5. Demonstrates a genuine interest in the student population and its health needs.

6. Organizes an office and manages time.

7. Is a self-starter and self-motivated.

8. Uses a computer and various software applications.

9. Promotes and protects the optimal health status of school age children.

10. Provides  the following  health assessments by obtaining a health history; screening and evaluating findings of deficit in vision, hearing, scoliosis, growth, etc.; observing the child for development and health patterns in making nursing assessment; and identifying  abnormal  health findings.

11. Develops and implements a student health plan by: interpreting the health status of students to parents and school personnel; initiating referral to parents, school personnel or community health resources for intervention, remediation, and follow through; providing ongoing health counseling with students, parents, school personnel or health agencies; and utilizing existing health resources to provide appropriate care of students by following the guidelines of the Mississippi School Nurse Procedures and Standards of Care 2018 Manual.

12. Maintains, evaluates, and interprets cumulative health data to accommodate individual needs of students.

13. Plans and implements school health management protocols for students with chronic health problems and students receiving medications at school.

14. Participates in home visits to assess the family needs as related to the child's health when necessary.

15.  Develops procedures and provides for emergency nursing management for injuries/illnesses.

16.   Promotes and assists in the control of communicable diseases.

17.  Participate in the Mary Kirkpatrick Haskell-Mary Sprayberry Public School Nurse Program with the following specific responsibilities:

• Serve as the coordinator of the health services program and provide nursing care;

• Provide health education to students;

• Implement activities to promote health and prevent tobacco, alcohol and substance use and abuse;

• Identify health and safety concerns in the school environment and promote a nurturing  social environment;

• Administer  medications  and help students  manage their health problems;

• Support healthy food services programs;

• Promote healthy physical education, sports policies and practices;

• Promote dropout prevention  programs; and

• Participate  in allied health programs to introduce students to health  careers.

18.  Provides health education and anticipatory guidance by: providing direct health education, and health counseling to assist students and families in making decisions on health and lifestyles that affect health; participating in health education directly and indirectly for the improvement of health by teaching persons to become more assertive  health consumers and to assume  greater responsibility for their own health;

 counseling with students concerning problems such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse in order to facilitate responsible decision making practices;

 serving as a resource person to the school staff members in health instruction; and

• providing staff with education on certain health issues such as asthma, diabetes, food allergies and seizures as  needed.

19. Coordinates school and community health activities and serves as a liaison health professional between the home, school, and community by serving as the coordinator of the school's Health Council and by collaborating with the state or community on student surveys such as Youth Risk Behavior Survey and The Mississippi Smart Track Survey.

20. Supports school programs such as physical education and sports participation for students

21. Supports healthy food services by:

• providing cafeteria staff, nutrition department and teachers with information of all students with food allergies and chronic conditions that require a special diet and

• encouraging staff and students to make healthy food choices;

22.  Assist in maintaining a healthy and safe environment by:

      • communicating with the Safety Committee any concerns for health and safety of students and staff;

• informing the School Resource Officer and Administration of any concerns with students that may be a danger to themselves and/or others;

• educating students and staff on health and safety concerns and ways  to improve;

23.  Supports school programs such as GED programs, remediation classes, and alternative schooling to prevent students from dropping out of school.

24. Acts as a resource person in promoting health careers.

25.  Engages in research and evaluation of school health services to act as a change agent for school  health programs and school nursing practices by:

   • providing a monthly school report to the Office of Healthy Schools to use in evaluating school health programs in the state; and

   • participating in an annual nursing evaluation using the School Nurse Evaluation Form provided by the Administrators Guide: Managing the School Nurse Resources

26.   Assists in the formation of health policies, goals and objectives for the school district

27.   Participates, where applicable, in the IEP development for students.

28.  Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development; for keeping current with the literature, new research and findings, and best practices; and for attending appropriate professional meetings.

29. Promotes the district's vision, mission, and goals.

30. Adheres to the Mississippi Code of Ethics.

31. Performs other tasks and assumes other responsibilities as requested/assigned by the Principal, Assistant Principal, or  Superintendent.


Salary and work year to be established by the superintendent with the approval of the board of trustees


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the board of trustee's policy on Evaluation of Support Services Personnel.

For questions, email Cherie McElhenney at mcelhenneyc@unionyellowjackets.org

Return applications to Central Office in person at 417 S. Decatur St., by mail at P.O. Box 445, Union, MS 39365, or via email to richa@unionyellowjackets.org

Union Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, age, or handicapping condition. Union Public School District is an equal opportunity employer.