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5 Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 
2008 - 2013

Our Purpose

The Union Public School community has a firm commitment to excellence in academics, activities, and athletics. We are proud of our accomplishments and service to the city and its students. Many people have given much of themselves to ensure this success, and we pledge to honor their contributions by upholding that tradition of excellence for this and future generations of children.

Our graduates will compete not only with students in Mississippi but also students around the world for productive, meaningful jobs. Therefore, the Union board of Trustees and Superintendent asked an 18-member committee of parents, teachers, principals, and community leaders to develop a strategic plan that could serve as a roadmap for the next five years as the district strives to meet the changing needs of graduates.

After careful study of the committee’s findings concerning academic data, facilities and security needs, growth patterns, personnel, activities, and athletics, we devised a five-year strategic plan that we believe will keep Union Public Schools on the road to excellence. This plan will guide us in arriving at a place where all children not only can but will meet our high expectations of learning.

The Strategic Plan – 2008–2013

To maintain the district’s level Five exemplary rating and to meet all federal no Child left behind requirements by or before 2014, we are committed to the Strategic Plan’s four pillars detailed below.

1. The Guarantee of Academic Excellence
This pillar includes the following tasks:

  • Expanding opportunities and providing support for Advanced Placement, honors, and gifted classes, as well as the students and teachers involved
  • Investigating the possibilities of creating a schoolbased GED program, while expanding Career Education opportunities
  • Reorganizing the district into three separate but interlocking schools, allowing for more intense instructional supervision at each site
  • Increasing the opportunities for hands-on science laboratory work by adding a middle school lab and updating the high school lab to fully support Advanced Placement requirements
  • Reorganizing teaching schedules to promote the added teacher collaboration and planning time required to meet higher teaching, testing, and learning expectations
  • Training all teachers on intervention and diversified instructional techniques to reach all children
  • Developing mentoring, after-school, and summer programs to meet students’ academic and character growth needs
  • Increasing students’ opportunities for participation in activities, athletics, and the arts.

2. Ensuring Safe, Healthy Learning Environments
This pillar includes the following tasks:
  • Conducting safety and security audits in order to provide the best and safest learning environment forstudents and educational environment for staff
  • Conducting functionality audits and upgrades of all educational spaces (both physical and virtual) to enhance learning opportunities
  • Conducting a feasibility study for converting the old high school gymnasium into a multi-purpose space for school assemblies, the performing arts, and community use
  • Preparing a long-range financial plan to support the expectation of excellence deserved by Union Schools and children
  • Reviewing and updating the student discipline plan and policies, including on-going drug testing and district uniform programs.

3. Attracting, Developing, and Retaining a Highly Qualified and Diverse Teaching Staff
This pillar includes the following tasks:

  • Developing a strong systematic recruitment program that employs and supports an excellent teaching and administrative staff establishing a program that includes multi-year mentoring for new teachers and national board Certification support for experienced teachers
  • Providing and funding real-time, research-based professional development in delivering the diversified instruction, depth of knowledge, and higher-order thinking skills needed to preparem students for the increased rigor and expectations of Union Schools and the state testing programs.
  • Developing partnerships with area businesses to expand support for Union staff
  • Organizing and financing a system to recognize and reward excellence in teaching, both individually and as a district through Increased local supplements

4. Increasing Parent and Community Involvement in Union Schools
This pillar includes the following tasks:

  • Providing parents and community members more systematic, regular reports of student and district progress via the district website
  • Delivering an annual Superintendent’s “State of [the] Union” Report
  • Developing support of early childhood and pre-kindergarten children and families to better prepare them to meet higher learning expectations
  • Providing a Parent Resource Center with materials and workshops to increase parents’ awareness of being their child’s first teacher
  • Conducting parent information workshops three times per year
  • Maintaining active PTO’s at each school.