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Fourth Grade, Leanne Robinson

Landrey figures out equivalent fractions on a number line.

Mallory White enjoyed "Breakfast with the Principal".

Logan Jenkins also enjoyed "Breakfast with the Principal".  

JaQuez Stokes was chosen for Breakfast with the Principal this week!

Important Dates:

  • August 1 - Open House

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Carsyn and Cecelia learn about fractions on the number line.
Jude and Tristan work together to figure out equivalent fractions.

These "Good Citizens" were caught in the act!  These sweet girls cleaned up trash from the playground without even being asked!  
Cecilia Burroughs, Lexie Lang, and LaCee Bishop

Animal Research Projects

Animal projects

These girls, Dinaiya Blaylock and Mallory White received a positive office referral for being such hard working students.  Both girls asked for additional math practice to make sure they were ready for our geometry test last week!  I'm very proud of both of them!
          MATH CENTERS

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