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May 2019

May 2019
Dates to remember...

  • 4/30- State Testing - Reading (ELA)
  • 5/1 -   State Testing- Writing (ELA)

  • 5/7 -  State Testing- Math 
  • 5/8 -  State Testing- Performance Task (Geometry)

  • 5/13-  AR Deadline- 5 points required
  • 5/13-  Park Day for 4th Graders
  • 5/14-  4th Grade Graduation at FBCU at 1:00 pm

Test Taking Tips: 
The Night Before:
  • Relax and have fun. Cramming vocab or practicing division problems isn’t going to calm your kid down — or even help him do better, says Dr. Bailey. Instead, plan something that will take everyone’s mind off the test, like family game night or a pizza party. A healthy snack an hour before bedtime and a soothing bath will help him nod off.
The Morning Of:
  • Fill her up. Start the day off right by serving up a morning meal of complex carbs and protein, says Dr. Bailey. Greek yogurt with fresh (or frozen) fruit and honey or oatmeal with nuts are way better than sugary cereals, which can just cause your child to crash when she needs energy the most.
  • Be on time. Kids can get anxious about arriving late and then having to rush to prepare for the test, so set the alarm ten minutes early to get everyone out the door without last-minute chaos.
  • Connect with a friend or teacher. Talking about pre-test jitters with a teacher or a close pal can be a good way to chill. “Not only will it make your child feel less isolated, but it’ll release some of the nerves he may have.

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