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Hailey Vowell

Week of August 19th-23rd


Letter of the Week: O
Color of the Week: Orange
Shape of the Week: Square
Sight Words of the Week: see, an, my, and, look

Reading Comprehension Focus: Identifying Characters
**You can help your child by reading a book to them at home. Then ask them who the characters are in the story. 

Math Focus: Counting 1-5 objects, Reading and Writing numbers 1-5
**You can help your child at home by having them count their toys as they play. You could also write numbers on an index card and hang in front of the doorways as a "secret code" they must say before they enter.

Important Dates:
Monday, August 19th - Orange Day
Monday, August 26th - Yellow Day
Tuesday, September 3rd - Green Day
Monday, September 16th - Purple Day
Monday, September 23rd - Pink Day

Homecoming Week is September 9th-13th
Monday, September 9th: wear lime green
Tuesday, September 10th: Jock vs Nerd Day
Wednesday, September 11th: Throwback Day
Thursday, September 12th: Superhero vs Villian Day
Friday, September 13th: Jacket Spirit Day