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Pre-K, Lauren Robertson Assistant, Ms. Watkins

Math Circle    

Review counting and one-to-one correspondence 

Review naming and Identifying Shapes (solids--cones, prisms, spheres, cubes)

**Subtracting stories with numbers 1-5**

Literacy Circle

Recognizing our names in print

Review syllables/Segment Onsets and rimes, identify the beginning sound in familiar words, deleting the onset of words

**Rhyming words**

Review  letters Mm, Oo, Bb, Ee, Tt, Aa, Ss, Ii, Pp, Jj, Dd, Kk, Ff, Cc, Nn, Xx, Gg, Ll, Ww, Rr, Hh, Uu.

Identify letters Qq and Zz.

**Make sure to check the snack calendar for your child's turn.**

January 13-17

Unit 4, Week 4--From the Farm to You
Question of the week: How does food get from a farm to your house?


1. Raise your hand.

2. Ears are listening.

3. Eyes are looking.

4. Mouth is quiet. (when teacher is talking)

5. Hands and feet to myself.

Every child eats FREE BREAKFAST!! Remember to send lunchboxes or lunch money!! 

 Reading Circle
 "Apple Farmer Annie"

Amazing words: deliver, load, refrigerate, ripe, sort, stand

Concept words:
 apple, buy, pick, sell, tree, truck

Social Skills
We will work on sharing and making "green" choices.

We will practice finishing a task.