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Pre-K, Lauren Robertson Assistant, Ms. Watkins

Math Circle    

Position words--review 

Naming and Identifying Shapes (solids--cones, prisms, spheres, cubes)

Data Collection

Literacy Circle

Recognizing our names in print

Review syllables

Segment Onsets and rimes

Review  letters Mm, Oo, Bb, Ee, Tt, Aa, Ss, Ii, Pp, Jj, Dd, Kk, Ff, and Cc.

Identifying letters Nn and Xx 

Veterans' Day--November 11

**Make sure to check the snack calendar for your child's turn.**

November 11-15

Unit 3, Week 4--All Kinds of Communities

Question of the week: 
What kinds of communities do people live in?


1. Raise your hand.

2. Ears are listening.

3. Eyes are looking.

4. Mouth is quiet. (when teacher is talking)

5. Hands and feet to myself.

Every child eats FREE BREAKFAST!! Remember to send lunchboxes or lunch money!! 

 Reading Circle

The Ugly Vegetables

Concept words:
city, country, farm, neighbor, people, town

Amazing Words:
bloom, breeze, garden, sprinkle, stem, vine

Social Skills
We will work on sharing and making "green" choices.

We will practice finishing a task.