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Pre-K, Lauren Robertson Assistant, Mrs. Mason

Welcome to our web page!  Listed below are some websites that may help your child at home.  
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Pre-K Newsletter

For the Month of May

Please remember our Program is Monday, May 13th at 6:00 in the new gym.  The students will wear the school shirts that we will send home one Monday. The boys can wear blue jeans or blue jean shorts.  The girls can wear blue jeans/shorts/skirts/skorts.  Please have the students at the Pre-K room at 5:30 P.M. and we will walk to the gym together.  After the program we will be grouped together and you can pick up your child.

We have been practicing for our program and are very excited about it!

 We are winding down the school year quickly!  We will be very busy until the end of school. Let’s remember to keep our hands to ourselves, and be respectful of others.  We still need to work on raising out hand, instead of shouting out.  Let’s try hard these last few weeks to try and make this happen.


We will not have a trade book this week, since we are practicing and our park day is Wednesday, May 15th.  The Jr. High field day is Thursday, May 16th.  We will read books about getting ready for Kindergarten.

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           Letter Review – 

We have finished the alphabet!  We will continue to review letters and review the next 10 sight words.   We will learn to recognize them and write them.  Please work with your child at home if he/she is having trouble with any letters/sounds. If your child can not write his/her name, please practice at home with them.

   Math Review Number 1-20

This week we will review numbers 1-20.  If your child is having trouble with any of these numbers, please help your child at home.  We will also be reviewing shapes.


*Pre-K Program Monday, May 13th @ 6:00 in the new gym.

* Pre-K park day - Wednesday, May 15th
*Field Day- Thursday May 16th

* Students last day of school - Thursday, May 23rd (60% day)

Have a great summer!!!!!!