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Pre-K, Lauren Robertson Assistant, Ms. Watkins

Math Circle    

identifying numbers 0-4 and comparing to four; similar and different; naming groups

Literacy Circle

 recognizing our names in print


Identifying letter M and O

 Important Dates:
PTO meeting Tuesday

**Make sure to check the snack calendar for your child's turn.**

September 16-20

Unit 2, Week 1--Meet My Family

Question of the week: Who is in our families?


1. Raise your hand.

2. Ears are listening.

3. Eyes are looking.

4. Mouth is quiet. (when teacher is talking)

5. Hands and feet to myself.

Every child eats FREE BREAKFAST!! Remember to send lunchboxes or lunch money!! 

 Reading Circle
Quinito, Day and Night

Concept words:
brother, family, father, grandparent, mother, sister

Amazing Words:
busy, messy, hush, neat, freeze, sticky

Social Skills
We will work on sharing and making "green" choices.

We will practice finishing a task.