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Pre-K, Angie Rash Assistant, Mrs. Mason

elcome to our web page!  Listed below are some websites that may help your child at home.  
                       Pre-K Newsletter 
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                Week of Mar. 25th – 29th

 We are in the 2nd week of the last week in the 4th nine weeks!  Only 8 more nine weeks to go!!  We absolutely should know the rules and obey the rules every day.  Morning Meeting will continue and I expect the talking to be less.  The students should sit at their assigned spot and listen to the new skills being introduced.  We keep our hands and feet to ourselves, listen quietly, and do not talk.  We raise our hand if we have a question.   We still need to work on being quiet while we are on the sidewalk and during class time.  Please talk to your child about keeping their hands/feet to themselves, during Morning Meeting and lining up. WE DO NOT RUN/ PUSH OUR FRIENDS IN LINE.   

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Last week our trade book was Think Green! and we learned how to take care of the Earth. We have a new unit “Shadows and Reflections” and our trade book this week is Whistle for Willie, and our concept words are between, dark, light, shadow, sidewalk, and wall. Our amazing words are entertain, errand, practice, pretend, whirl, whistle. We’ll work on breaking words apart and blend sounds /b/ /u/ /s/ to make the word bus. We’ll review previous letters/sounds, and upper/lower case letters.

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   Letter Review –

We will continue to review letters/sounds. We will start putting letters together to make words.  We will go over the first 10 words on the start to introduce the sight words a, and, & away.  We will learn to recognize them and write them.  Please work with your child at home if he/she is having trouble with any letters/sounds. If your child can not write his/her name, please practice at home with them.

   Math Review Number 1-20Clip Art Numbers 1-20 Clipart #1

This week we will review numbers 1-20.  If your child is having trouble with any of these numbers, please help your child at home.  We will also learn review shapes and introduce rhombus.


·         The Spring Book Fair will be April 1st -5th.  Family Event will be Monday April 1st from 3:30 – 6:00.

·         Our Easter Egg Hunt will be Thursday, April 18th at the town park.  Details to follow.

·         We will be out of school Good Friday,

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·         We will make up the snow day that was on January 29th on Monday, April 22nd.

·         We will not have homework this week, however, please look over the first 10 sight words.   

·         Friday – Ice/Cream or slushies after lunch.  Please send the money in an envelope/Ziploc bag with their name on it.  These items are .50 cents each.  We are looking forward to the 2nd week of the fourth 9 weeks of Pre-K!