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Laurie Herrington- Second Grade Teacher

Laurie Herrington- Second Grade TeacherEmail: herringtonl@unionyellowjackets.org
Feel free to call and leave a message on my voice mail: 601-774-8257 ext. 1124


Monday is MLK Day- No school

Field Trip Forms and $
Due by the 25th!!

UES Pageant: Jan. 26
at 2:00 PM
Come out and support your
princess and/or prince!
Admission $5

Field Trip is February 5th

*Remember to have your child here at 7:30 


for everyone!!!

School starts at 7:50

Language Skill

Pronouns replace a noun.
I,me,mine, myself, she, her,hers, herself, we, us, ours, ourselves,
they, them

Formal / Informal Speech

Saxon Phonics:
Students need to memorize the following phonics rules and know how to apply them to words:

                              - tch

Suffixes:  -en, -ish, -ist

Homework is import
Your child needs your help.
 Please check binder each night.
Review vocabulary words, spelling words, complete math review sheet, and one minute fluency read each night, please!

Spelling Words:

spoon     whale

sixty      brake

stove     smoke

globe     smile

book     candy

fifty     my

why     bundle

sample      who

put      some

come     one

1.  The red  book is the best of the three.

2.  What time do we go to camp?

Jan. 22-25

Click on Vocabulary Words and click the link to go to Quizlet for flashcards and games.

text features: help you to fine important ideas and details

subheadings:a word , phrase, or sentence that is used to introduce part of a text

bold print: set of typed characters darker than others

captions:words usually explaining a picture, or diagram in an informational text

required: necessary

bacteria: germs

stale: no longer fresh

inquired:to ask

Ready Reading-

Text Features

Sit and read each night with your child, so they will become more fluent readers.

Envision Math: 

Students are to become personally responsible for learning their addition and subtraction facts fluently.

Topic 8

Problem solving with Dollars

Begin time

Please practice counting coins with your child.

Talk about a clock and ask them what time it is on the hour, half hour, quarter hour and to the nearest 5 min.