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Laurie Herrington- Second Grade Teacher

Laurie Herrington- Second Grade TeacherEmail: herringtonl@unionyellowjackets.org
Feel free to call and leave a message on my voice mail: 601-774-8257 ext. 1124
Important Dates to remember:

Dress Up Day for Football Fridays
October 22-26 Fall Book Fair
Family Event- October 22
3:00- 6:00 p.m.
Oct. 26-Neon Spirit Day
November 7- District Reading Fair


*Remember to have your child here at 7:30 


for everyone!!!

School starts at 7:50

 REMIND 101 on your cell phone.

To do so, text to 

81010@ a2g7e

Homework is important!
Your child needs your help.
 Please check binder each night.
Review vocabulary words, spelling words, complete math review sheet, and one minute fluency read each night, please!

Spelling Words:

cash     shelf       shut      pinch

chick     math   fifth      this

  stack     smack    upset     until

index     contest    cactus    vest

      twin     trot  stump  print              

Language Skill

Using a Dictionary to Check Spelling

Ready Reading-

Ask and Answer Questions about Stories
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
October 22-26

Click on Vocabulary Words and click the link to go to Quizlet for flashcards and games.
key details- important pieces of information
adventure- an exciting or remarkable experience
stranded- left without the means to move from somewhere
waddled-to move slowly
rescue- to save from danger
hissed- to make a noise like a long s sound
platform- a raised flat surface to stand on
harness straps on a hook used to raise or lower something

*Please go over the four square model that we are using for our vocabulary words. Hopefully, this will help the children retain the meaning of the words.

Saxon Phonics:

Students need to memorize the following phonics rules and know how to apply them to words:
1) A vowel followed by a consonant is short, code it with a breve(smile).
2) An open, accented vowel is long, code it with a macron(short, straight line).
3) K & C Spelling Rules- kbefore e, i, or y
c before a, o, u, or any consonant
digraphs- two consonants that make one sound- th, sh, ch

Envision Math: 
Skill for Topic 4:
Fluently Add Within 100 

4.4 Add 2-digit Numbers
4.5 continuation
(4.6 More Addition Practice)
4.7 Solve One and Two Step Word Problems
Topic 4 Test on Friday!