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Laurie Herrington- Second Grade Teacher

Laurie Herrington- Second Grade TeacherEmail: herringtonl@unionyellowjackets.org
Feel free to call and leave a message on my voice mail: 601-774-8257 ext. 1124


Spring Picture Day
March 19

*Remember to have your child here at 7:30 


for everyone!!!

School starts at 7:50

Language Skill

After Spring Break
Letter Greeting & Punctuation

Saxon Phonics
Focus is:
sight words
reading fluency
reading comprehension

Homework is import
Your child needs your help.
 Please check binder each night.
Review vocabulary words, spelling words, complete math review sheet, and one minute fluency read each night, please!

Spelling Words:

 after Spring Break

stable          title

spring          faster

pouch         below

stronger         frisky

soil        itch

batch         smudge

cage        stage

huge         again

friend         walk

talk          only

1.  Pick up an apple and a jug of milk a the store.

2.  Can your cat run faster than my dog?

after Spring Break

Click on Vocabulary Words and click the link to go to Quizlet for flashcards and games.

middle- the part after the beginning and before the end

solved- an answer to a problem

setting- when and where a story takes place

plot- a sequence of events in a story. (beginning, middle, end)

significant- large enough to be noticed or have an effect

problem- a challenge that the main character faces

beginning- the start of something; the beginning of a text

opposition- strong disagreement or conflict; struggle

Ready Reading-

Lesson 16
Parts of a Story
Beginning, Middle, End

Setting, Plot, Problem, Solution and Conclusion

Sit and read each night with your child, so they will become more fluent readers.

Envision Math:

Begin Topic 11
after Spring Break

Subtracting Within 1,000

Students are to become personally responsible for learning their addition and subtraction facts fluently.

Talk about a clock and ask them what time it is on the hour, half hour, quarter hour and to the nearest 5 min.