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Laurie Herrington- Second Grade Teacher

Laurie Herrington
- Second Grade TeacherEmail: herringtonl@unionyellowjackets.org
Feel free to call and leave a message on my voice mail: 601-774-8257 ext. 1124


Hope Canned Food Drive

January 13-24

Bring canned goods to help this ministry.

*Remember to have your child at school around 7:30  School starts at 7:50.

* Please remind your child to go through the breakfast line- free breakfast for everyone.  See menu in front of their binder

All money should be in a zip lock bag labeled with child's name. 

*Please put your child’s name inside his/her jacket.

*Please remember to check and clean out your child’s binder every night.

*Remember, Friday is early release day.  We dismiss school at 2:10.

Sit and read 20 

minutes each night

 with your child, so

 they will become

 more fluent 


Happy Honeybees!
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Spelling Words: -kn 
ghost letter digraph


It is the skill we are learning, students will not get the same words for dictation.


Students will be expected to learn the definition of the vocabulary words and apply it correctly in sentences.

main purpose- what an author of a text wants to tell, describe, or explain to the reader

detail- facts, examples and other pieces of information directly stated in text

explain- to describe or give details about something so it can be understood.

describe- to tell what something is like or to explain something 

genre- a type of writing characterized by a  particular style, form or subject area.
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       Reading : Author's Purpose
Identify the main purpose of a text including what the author wants to answer, explain or describe.

Language:  Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

A verb tells what someone or something does or is. 
A past tense verb shows an action that happened in the past.

sit, sat
come, came
get, got, 
see, saw
tell, told
run, ran


Envision Math 2017 Student Edition Grade 2 Volume 1

Begin Topic 9 Numbers to 
In this topic, your child is learning to read and write numbers to 1,000.  Your child will use place value of each digit in a number to identify and record 3 digit numbers in expanded, standard, and word form.
Expanded form: 100 + 40+2
Standard form: 142
Word form: one hundred forty-two