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Second Grade, Cindy Stevens

Jan. 22-Jan. 25

Jan. 25th is the deadline to pay for the field trip!

Feb. 5-Second grade field trip to the Science Museum

 Homework is important!
Your child needs your help.

 Please check binder each night. 
Review vocabulary words, spelling words, complete math review sheet, and one minute fluency read each night, please!



extinguish- to put out; bring to an end
phrases-  a short group of words that have meaning
subject-  topic, something that is being talked or written about
clues-  pieces of information that help you figure out something
decision-  making up ones mind
patient-  person needing to see the doctor
explanation- to explain something
portion- a part of something

MathTopic 8

Telling Time to 5-minutes.
Time before and after the hour.

Students are to become personally responsible for learning their addition and subtraction facts fluently.

Saxon Phonics

Language skill

Pronouns- I, he, she, it, they, us, we, me

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.

Spelling Words-
spoon                 fifty
whale                 my
sixty                   why
brake                  bundle
stove                   sample
smoke                  who
globe                    put
smile                     some
book                      come
candy                    one
The red book is the best of the three.
What time do we go to camp?