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Second Grade, Cindy Stevens

Oct. 15-19 
Homework!  Homework!   Please check your child's binder every night.

Important Dates 

October 22-26 Fall Book Fair 
Family Event- October 22 
3:00- 6:00 p.m.

Oct. 17-school pictures!

Dress Up Day for Football Fridays
    October 19-Pink Out Spirit Day
Oct. 26-Neon Spirit Day

Red Ribbon Week
Oct. 22-26
Every Day- wear a Red Ribbon to show our opposition to drugs and violence
Monday- wear your shades
Tues. -wear hat/cap
Wed. - wear red
Thurs.- wear mis match clothes
Fri. - wear bright neon colors

Homework is important!
Your child needs your help.

 Please check binder each night. 
Review vocabulary words, spelling words, complete math review sheet, and one minute fluency read each night, please!

Reading- study vocabulary every night.  Read fluency page.
Read AR for 15 minutes.


dear-cherished: adored
piece- a part of the whole; portion
tease- to annoy others by making fun of them in a playful way
merry- joyous; cheerful
enough- plenty
beginning- the start
complete- having all the needed parts
introduce- 1. to formally make known by name
2. to put something into use for the first time

Math-Skill for Topic 4:
Fluently Add Within 100 
4.1 Adding with Partial Sums
4.2 continuation
4.3 Models to Add 2-digit Numbers
4.4 Add 2-digit Numbers
4.5 continuation

Saxon Phonics
Students need to memorize the following phonics rules and know how to apply them to words:
1) A vowel followed by a consonant is short, code it with a breve(smile).
2) An open, accented vowel is long, code it with a macron(short, straight line).
3) K & C Spelling Rules- kbefore e, i, or y
c before a, o, u, or any consonant
digraphs- two consonants that make one sound- th, sh, ch

Language skill-


Some words can be broken into parts. The main part of the word is called the root word.  The root word will help you figure out the whole word.

help-helper-helpful- helping

Cover the suffixes with your finger and that leaves you with the root word.

Spelling Words-
truck    I
dock    sand
sack    he
we    hot    
him    tip    
slap    go    
lift    rat    
brim    lab    
cub    elf    
be    test
can't    don't    
I'm    isin't