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Third Grade, Christina Oliver: oliverc@unionyellowjacekts.org or phone at 601-774-8250 ext.1122

October 22-26

Reading Comprehension Skill:
Cause and Effect
A heavy storm hits and a large
tree falls. The storm is the cause, or the reason the tree falls. The
fallen tree is the effector what happens as a result of the storm. The connection between these two events is an example of a cause-and-effect relationship. Understanding cause and effect can help you see how events and ideas are related. Writers often use the words such as because,
if/then, since, so, therefore, and as a result to signal and explain a cause-and-effect relationship.

Vocabulary Words:
1.frequently-happening often
2. summarize-to tell again using fewer words
3.prior-earlier in time
4. scatter-going in different directions
5.conditions-the situation in which someone or something lives
6. invisible-impossible to see
7. extreme-very serious or severe
8. suddenly-very quickly in usually an unexpected way






full of


painful, beautiful



careless, hopeless, painless

The district grading scale:

 A = 90-100

B = 89-80

C = 79-70

D = 69-65

  F = 64 and



  • October 22-26: Fall Book Fair
  • October 22: Book Fair Family Event 3:30-6:00
  • October 22-26 is Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday- “It’s Cool to be Drug Free” (Wear your shades)

  • Tuesday- “Hats Off to Being Drug Free” (Wear a hat)

  • Wednesday- “Red-y to Live a Drug Free Life” (Wear red)

  • Thursday- “Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up” (Wear mix match clothes)

  • Friday- “I’m too BRIGHT for Drugs” (Wear bright neon colors)

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to sign up for my remind account.  Please text @olivercues to 81010 to receive updates regarding things that involve my classroom only. 


* Send a snack or money with your child and a water bottle.

*We encourage every student to go to breakfast. If you have already eaten, please get cereal or raisins for snack.

*We also encourage every student to arrive on campus no later than 7:30 in order to go through the breakfast line.

*October is a HIGH ATTENDANCE month. Please make every effort to be at school ALL day, EVERY day!

*Please collect box tops and send them to school with your child!

Adjectives & Adverbs

An adjective is a word that tells something about a noun. When you write, you can use adjectives to help your readers picture what you are describing.

An adverb is a word that tells something about a verb, or action. Many adverbs in in -ly and tell how or in what way. When you write, you can use adverbs to help your audience picture clearly what is happening.

*Reading and Language tests are every Friday.

Your child is learning how to multiply Help him or her think of multiplication as joining equal groups.For example, 5x2 is 5 groups of 2. So, 5x2=10.Your child is also learning how to divide. Help him or her think of division as sharing equally. For example, 42/7 can be thought of as 42 crayons and 7 boxes Each box has an equal number of crayons. There are 6 crayons in each box.

Please remember to study multiplication facts each night with your child. 

Memorization is the key to learning multiplication facts! Your child will have a "Math Fact Café" sheet to work each night to reinforce multiplication facts, but they will also have numerous opportunities to work on it throughout the day. 

Your child will have a "Math Fact Cafe'" test every Friday.

*Please make sure you are helping your child study their multiplication facts each night. It is imperative that your child knows their multiplication facts in 3rd grade!

1. happen
2. winter
3. basket
4. sister
5. problem
6. supper
7. subject
8. lesson
9. napkin

10. traffic