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                                   January 21-25

Reading Comprehension Skill:

Describing Comparisons

Authors work carefully to show connections among ideas in their writing. This means that they make sure readers understand how sentences and paragraphs are connected and why the connections are important. Sometimes a writer shows connections by making a comparison between facts and ideas. Comparing means showing how two or more things are alike and different. Signal words such as like, as, also, and both show how things are alike. Signal words such as however, but, different, and unlike show how things are different.  

Vocabulary Words:
Click on the link below to access the vocabulary words for this week. 

Below is a link for this week's fluency homework passage.Your child was given a copy to put in their binder but I know sometimes things get lost. 


Starting this week, students will have a vocabulary passage to read each night. By signing the newsletter each night, you are acknowledging that your child studied his/her vocabulary words AND read the vocabulary passage to you. 

January 21-MLK Holiday

January 25-Baseball Camp Forms Due

January 26- UES Pageant

Coordinating Conjunctions
A conjunction is a word that is used to join other words, groups of words, or sentences. The words and, but, or, and so are conjunctions. 

Use and when you mean “also.”
Birds and dogs are my favorite animals.

Use but when you want to show a difference. 
Mario’s cat is playful, but Lila’s cat likes to sleep.

Use or when you want to show a choice.
Dad says we can have a kitten or a puppy. 

Use so when you want to give a reason. I love animals, so I like having a lot of pets. 

*Reading and Language tests are every Friday.















*Please make sure you are helping your child study their multiplication facts each night. It is imperative that your child know their multiplication facts in 3rd grade!

There are no new spelling words this week. 
1. mean
2. meant
3. sign
4. signal
5. signature
6. want
7. whole
8. fruit
9. suit
10. January

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The district grading scale:

 A = 90-100

B = 89-80

C = 79-70

D = 69-65

  F = 64 and