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Topic 9


*Test- 11/16/17

We will begin to learn multiplication in 3rd grade!  Please remember to study multiplication facts each night with your child.  Memorization is the key to learning multiplication facts! Your child will have a "Math fact Café" sheet to work each night to reinforce multiplication facts, but they will also have numerous opportunities to work on it throughout the day.

Your child will have a "Math Fact Cafe'" test every Friday.

Please make sure you are helping your child study their multiplication facts each night. It is imperative that your child knows their multiplication facts in 3rd grade!




November 8 - Reading Fair

November 20-24- Thanksgiving Break

December 7 - Blood Drive in honor of UMS Student, Lesley Mabry 

December 19 - 60% Day

December 20 - January 2 - Christmas Break

Spelling Test 11/16/2017

*Spelling tests in 3rd grade are on Thursday each week. Students will take their weekly spelling test on the computer.

Vocabulary Words

1. nodding-lowering and raising one’s head slightly briefly to show understanding or agreement

2. amazed- surprised greatly; filled with astonishment

3. whimpering- making a series of low, weak sounds expressive of fear, pain, or unhappiness

4. barreling-moving fast, often carelessly

5. pathological-obsessive; excessive

6. terrorized-created and maintained a state of extreme fear and distress in someone; filled with terror

7. snake charmer-an entertainer who appears to make snakes move by playing music

8. criminal-a person who has committed a crime

9. arrange-put things in a neat, attractive, or required order

10. figured-thought, considered, or expected to be the case

11. cooped up-confined in a small space

12. shame-make someone feel embarrassed or humiliated

13. refresh-give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate

14. ignorant-lacking knowledge or awareness in general

15. roundabout-not following a short, direct, or obvious route

16. imitated-copied a person’s speech or mannerisms

17. meantime-meanwhile

18. harsh-unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses



Macie- 13

Marianna- 14

Hayden- 15

Nickolas- 20

Quiz Chapters 15-17



The protagonist is the main character in the story. The story primarily follows this character and his/her thoughts and actions.


supporting character does not appear in the story as much as the protagonist.  Often, supporting characters help show the reader new things about the protagonist. Supporting characters can also teach the protagonist important lessons. While less prominent than the protagonists, supporting characters do play an important role in a story.



Singular Possessive Nouns

To show that one person, animal, or thing owns something, use a singular possessive noun. Add an apostrophe (‘) and the letter s to a singular noun to make it possessive.


Singular Noun:  The hare planted corn.

Singular Possessive Noun:  The bear wanted the hare’s corn.

*Test on Friday