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Topic 12:  Understanding Fractions as Numbers   

We will begin to learn multiplication in 3rd grade!  Please remember to study multiplication facts each night with your child. 

Memorization is the key to learning multiplication facts! Your child will have a "Math Fact Café" sheet to work each night to reinforce multiplication facts, but they will also have numerous opportunities to work on it throughout the day. 

Your child will have a "Math Fact Cafe'" test every Friday.

*Please make sure you are helping your child study their multiplication facts each night. It is imperative that your child knows their multiplication facts in 3rd grade!



January 22 - 25

1. mean

2. meant

3. sign

4. signal

5. signature

6. want

7. whole

8. fruit

9. suit

10. January

*Spelling tests in 3rd grade are on Thursday each week. Students will take their weekly spelling test on the computer.



*Please sign up for class text messages through Remind.


*Reading with your child every night is extremely important. 






Describing Connections Between Sentences and Paragraphs

Paragraphs and sentences both contain ideas that connect to each other in some way. Sometimes the connection is a cause-and-effect relationship. A cause is the reason something happens. An effect is what happens as a result. Words such as because, so, as a result, and since often signal this kind of connection. Authors also connect sentences and paragraphs by showing that things happen in a sequence, or order. Look for signal words such as first, then, and finally in sentences to see how ideas and events in a sequence are connected.


Coordinating Conjunctions

A conjunction is a word that is used to join other words, groups of words, or sentences. The words and, but, or, and so are conjunctions. 

 Use and when you mean “also.”

Birds and dogs are my favorite animals.

 Use but when you want to show a difference. 

Mario’s cat is playful, but Lila’s cat likes to sleep.

 Use or when you want to show a choice.

Dad says we can have a kitten or a puppy. 

 Use so when you want to give a reason. I love animals, so I like having a lot of pets.

  *Reading and Language tests are every Friday.

Vocabulary Words:

Vocabulary Words (1/22/19 - 1/25/19)

Click the link above to view the vocabulary words for the week.