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Wiesel Works Comparison Essay

Wiesel Works Comparison Essay
  • In Google Docs, choose the template that says "Report MLA." It should have correct MLA format. Change all information in the document to your information (without changing the format).
  • Copy and paste the correct citations for your paper from this document: Citations for Wiesel Works Comparison Essay.
  • Share your document with me. Click "Share" in the top right. Type in my email address (gossk@unionyellowjackets.org) and click "Done."
  • When you have typed your draft, mark one body paragraph for me to review. Select a portion of the paragraph. A little bubble should appear on the right. Click on it and type in any specific questions you have or just type, "Please read this one."
  • Use the revision and editing checklist to revise and edit your paper.
  • You may put add-ons on your Google Docs account to check spelling, grammar, mechanics, and style. Click "Add-ons" and "Get ad-ons." You can search for "spelling check" or "grammar check." Here are some you may find useful:
    • Verity Spell provides spelling help. It is advertised as especially useful for those who have troubles with spelling.
    • Proofread Bot gives writing and style tips.
    • ProWritingAid will give you an overview of style: your use of transition, your sentence variety, etc.