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Jacob Casey

2018 Spring Class Schedule:

1st Block (8:00-9:30)             Foundations to Algebra
2nd Block (9:50-11:20)            Algebra II
3rd Block (11:25-12:55)            Foundations to Algebra

Lunch (12:55-1:20)            
4A (1:25-2:15)                  Learning Strategies
4B (2:20-3:10)                  Softball

Contact Info:
Phone                        (601) 774-8257 Ext. 1317
Email                         caseyj@unioncity.k12.ms.us 

Foundations to Algebra
Wednesday, January 8th

Algebra 2
Wednesday, January 8th
Click on the link provided below. It should take you to an ACT Math Prep webpage. On the webpage, there are useful tips and information concerning how to best prepare oneself for taking the Math portion of the ACT. Read the information on the page carefully. After reading the webpage, there are 5 sections at the bottom of the page with Practice ACT Math questions. Please answer each question on ALL 5 SECTIONS. Please write each answer choice on a piece of notebook paper with your name on the paper. You will turn in this paper with your answer choices as well as how you did on each section of the practice test at the end of the day. This test is not timed, so take your time and do your best.

Here's the Link

Thursday, January 9th 
We are going to take a timed ACT today. The link below will take you to an ACT practice test. The Math portion of the test begins on Pg. 26 so be sure to scroll down to that page before starting. Wait for the substitute teacher to tell you when to begin, then start the test. Please show all work as well as your answers on notebook paper. Please title today's work as ACT, January 9th. We'll go over the answers when I get back.

Here's the practice ACT link:

Friday, January 10th
We are going to do a timed ACT again today. The link below will take you to the ACT for today. Just like yesterday, this will be 60-minute timed test, you will show work and answers on notebook paper, and you'll title today's as ACT, January 10tth

Here's the link for the ACT: