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Jennifer Felton

"I believe learning should be a challenge not a chore."
                   Mrs. Felton

November Birthdays:

Baylee Brown - Nov. 11
Lane Nelson - Nov. 12
Braden Herrington - Nov. 15
O'marion Norris - Nov. 22
Vaiden Bouder - Nov. 28 

The district grading scale:
 A = 90-100
B = 89-80
C = 79-70
D = 69-65
  F = 64 and Below

Importance Dates in November

      November 20-24 

  Thanksgiving  Break

UPSD Mission Statement

The mission of the Union Public School District is to cultivate life-long learners that will compete in an ever-changing global society.

Science Vocabulary

October 8-November 16

1. deforestation

The clearing of forest land for human use

2. pollution

The release of harmful substances

3. pollutant

Harmful substance released into the environment

4. natural resources

Things found in nature that are useful to people

5. renewable resources

Natural resource that can be replaced at the same rate at which it is used

6. nonrenewable resources

Natural resource that cannot be replaced easily

7. fossil fuels

Remains of living things that died millions of years ago that we use today such as: coal, oil, and natural gas

8. freshwater

Is a renewable resource that is replaced by rain and snow

9. reservoir

An artificial lake that is built to store water

10. aquifer

An underground layer of rock and soil that has pores and is capable of absorbing water

11. smog

Air pollution that is caused by burning fossil fuels

12. ozone

Layers of gas above Earth's surface

13. conserve

To use something wisely to avoid using it up

Quiz Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Test Thursday, November 16, 2017

Special Announcements
We are beginning our "Jackets for Jackets" campaign again now that colder weather is approaching. If you'd like to donate a new or gently used jacket for children in need, you may drop it off during school hours in the "Jackets for Jackets" box located near the office of each school. Thank you for your help with this!

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Quick Links

October and November are HIGH ATTENDANCE MONTHS. Make sure your child is at school everyday. They will be rewarded weekly for their perfect attendance during these months. Thanks for your help with this.  

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2nd Nine Weeks:
 Earth Science

Lesson 1: Week 1-2 
Planet Earth
Lesson 2: Week 3-4 
Minerals, Rocks, & Soil
Lesson 3: Week 5-6 
Environmental Change and Conservation
Lesson 4: Week 6-7 
Lesson 5: Week 7-8 
Movement of the Sun, Moon, and Earth
Lesson 6: Week 8-9 
Planets of the Solar System