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Amanda Cassel

About Mrs. Cassel:
Hello, all! My name is Amanda Cassel, and I am so honored to teach 7th grade Technology Foundations & 8th grade Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) this year at Union Middle School. I look forward to teaching each of your children this year. Please contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information at cassela@unionyellowjackets.org

Tech Foundations:
Unit 2

We are learning how to utilize the Internet safely and effectively!

Students have been using Everfi to gain their certification in digital citizenship.

We will continue to work on website credibility, Boolean operators, and copyright law.

Technology Foundations Units

Unit 1: Orientation and Ethics

Unit 2: Internet Tools in the Classroom

Unit 3: Computing Fundamentals

Unit 4: Windows and Operating Systems 

Unit 5: Keyboarding

Unit 6: Word Processing/Desktop Publishing 

Unit 7: Multimedia Presentations

Unit 8: Spreadsheet Applications

Unit 9: Social Media 

Unit 10: Career Exploration

STEM: Unit 1

Summary of Unit:

We are on our last chapter of Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School Edition. 

Using this text, students are exposed to saving & budgeting, credit & debt, entrepreneurship, investing, insurance, and identity theft. 

Upcoming Events: 
Stock Market Game - Students will be given $100,000 to invest in the stock market. The team that has the highest ROI will be recognized & awarded.
STAX Project
Compound Interest Challenge

STEM Units

Unit 1: Financial Literacy

Unit 2: Introduction Project and Design Process

Unit 3: Exploring Newton's Laws

Unit 4: Applied Electronics and Mechanics

Unit 5: Capstone Project 

Class Schedule: 

1st Period: 

2nd Period:
Tech Foundations

3rd Period: 

4th Period:

5th Period:

6th Period:

7th Period:

8th Period:

Look What We've Done!

Amanda Cassel,
Aug 2, 2017, 12:58 PM