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Hannah Hardy


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Greek Mythology Unit- Study of Greek mythology with a Greek myth drama project. 

Writing- Argumentative Essay

Be sure to stay up-to-date on your bellringer booklet!
1/11/18-1/12/18- FIRST BLOCK ONLY
Myth Dramas

1/15/18- MLK Jr. Holiday

1/16/18-1/17/18- ELS Benchmark

1/23/18- "Pandora" Essay Due

1/26/18- "Pandora's Box" Due & Presentations

2/10/18- UMS Pageant

3/12/18-3/16/18- Spring Break

3/19/18- NO Students

3/28/18-3/30/18- BETA Convention

3/30/18- Good Friday Holiday

4/2/18- NO School

4/26/18-4/27/18- ELA State TEST

5/11/18- Award's Day        10:15-11
5/16/18- Exam Review Day

5/17/18-5/21/18- Final Exams

5/23/18- 60% Day Welcome Summer