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Hannah Hardy


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Extra Credit Opportunity:
Any student who attends the UMS drama on Dec. 15th or Dec. 16th will receive a 100 to replace their lowest test grade. 
**Even if you attend both performances, only one grade will be replaced. 

Holocaust Unit- Study of "The Diary of Anne Frank" play and numerous speeches and articles on the Holocaust. 

Writing- Literary Analysis 
  -Elie Weisel's Speech vs. Michael Jackson's Song (Lit. Analysis) 

Be sure to stay up-to-date on your bellringer booklet!

12/8/17- One-Pager Due

12/12/17- Socratic Seminar 

12/13/17- "The Diary of Anne Frank" TEST

12/15/17- UMS Drama Production @6
    (Extra Credit)

12/16/17- UMS Drama Production @2
    (Extra Credit)

12/18/17- ABC Powerpoint Project Due

12/19/17- 60% day

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