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Marli Maseda

   Welcome to Ms. Maseda's Page!      
    This is my 1st Year at Union Middle School teaching both 7th and 8th grade Science. I may be new to Union,but not to science or the area. I am a graduate of Newton County High School and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Mississippi College. I have had the opportunity to teach several branches of science including physical science, chemistry, biology, and botany. I am excited to be working with Union Middle School students and introducing them to new topics in the Science world! Below you will find a calendar of classroom activities and the most current assignments. Feel free to contact me at masedam@unionyellowjackets.org if you have any questions or concerns.

8th Grade Science

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Earth's Side Effects Unit: [ March 18th - March 28th ]

 Notes will be given on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Powerpoints are attached below. 
    Quiz is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th on Weathering, Erosion, Groundwater, and Surfacewater Notes.

    Review Day is Wednesday, March 27th. We will use Kahoot review games (Bring Device to class if you can! )
    Exam is scheduled for Thursday, March 28th.
Start studying now!! IXL sections are absolutely due this day as well. 

Upcoming Dates:
  • March 21st - 3rd 9 Weeks Report Card
  • March 25th - Say Something Assembly
  • March 28th - USPD Health Fair

IXL Science
    This is a new program provided to Union Middle School students. This a study aid, practice, and daily grades in Ms. Maseda's Science classes. The sections required will appear with a star beside them and students must have a (70) or higher in the parenthesis beside it. 

DUE DATE: March 28th

7th Grade Sections Link: 
Water Cycle

Natural Hazards

8th Grade Sections Link:
Water Cycle

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