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Nick Smith

Generally, each week students will receive a grade for classwork, homework, and tests. Students will have a variety of notes, handouts, maps, and diagrams to prepare at home.

Tests and home assignments are usually announced a week ahead of time and posted to Active Parent. It is the students’ responsibility to prepare for their exams and it is their responsibility to keep up with homework assignments. Homework is usually given at the beginning of the week and due at the end of the week. 

Occasionally, there will be an element of class that will need to be completed at home. This is an effort to guide the student in preparing for their exams.

If a student misses a test, it is his/her responsibility to make it up. If other assignments are given while the student is out, it will need to be completed at home or in Learning Strategies. Active Parent will list whatever assignments a child is missing with an “NM”. If it is not made up within the time frame, it will result in a zero. I will strictly adhere to the make-up policy in the handbook. 

Projects and such will be announced weeks ahead of time with accompanying information. These will be large grades, so it is very important that the student makes great effort in them. 

In the event that a child is absent, or you need assistance in helping your child prepare for a test, please feel free to email me. If it is possible, I may be able to provide material to assist you. 


Please feel free to utilize the information below to assist your student in their study.