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Welcome to Ms. Johns 7th/8th Science and 7th Ancient World Classroom
     I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, I am Renee Johns and this is my eleventh year to teach at Union Middle School.  I also taught five years at Noxapater Attendance Center.  I have taught 7th grade Science, 7th World History, high school World History, 5th grade Science and Math, and Talented and Gifted.  I graduated from Louisville High School and Mississippi State University. 
    I have two sons; Michael Johns is 25 and lives in Louisville. Barley Johns is a Senior here at Union High School; where he is very active in football and cross country.  He also plans to join the Air Force after graduation.  Go Jackets.
       I am an active member of First Baptist Church in Union where I help with Girls in Action 4th-6th grade. 
       This is going to be a great year, you already know that I love your children, we started out together in the 5th grade and it is only appropriate that they finish their middle school year with me.  If you have any questions or need to talk to me any time please email me at johnsr@unioncity.k12.ms.us.  

Thank you,
Ms. Johns

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7th grade Ancient World History:

We will travel back in time to Ancient civilizations:

Students will keep an Interactive Notebook that will be graded at the end of each 9-weeks and will also earn daily grades for assignments in notebook.  We will be taking notes using the GRAPES technique.

G- eography
R- eligion
A- cheivements
P- olitics
E- conomics
S- ocial stuructes

7th and 8th grade science:
Students will be responsible for their Interactive Notebooks.  If they should miss a day, it is their responsibility to get missed assignments for their notebooks--Notebooks will be graded at the end of each 9-weeks.  We will be studying science safety, scientific methods, STEAM, Atoms, Genetics, Newton's Law, and many other interesting topics in Science this year.  Science MATTERS!!!!!

This site was shared with me by Katie Vogel and her daughter Peyton.  Thanks for the great site and information.  Peyton good luck on your girl scout badge. 

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