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Brett Whitlock Smith

English Language Arts and World History 
Week of: November 5th-9th
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Remind 101 for History: @dbkg49 to 81010
Remind 101 for ELA: @kbkkcc to 81010
We will randomly have binder checks this year.  When doing these checks, all work must be completed and in the correct location.  

English Language Arts:
Friday- Grammar test 
Friday-Chapters 13-16 Boy in the Striped Pajamas

*Students have a calendar for Mrs. Smith's class.  Anytime we have homework, it will be put on this calendar.  Parents must initial each time we have homework. 

World History: 
Friday- Test on China

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Students are reading chapters 13-16 in the Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

***  The students must read and test on at least AR books each nine weeks. This will be for a Reading test grade!!!  I will take the top two AR test grades and average them together for the Reading test grade at the end of the nine weeks. 

**Please be reading and testing on AR books!!!!

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Students should be studying notes. Our next test will cover nouns and pronouns. 
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Scholastic order due November 30th
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English Language Arts: 
-Finish any vocabulary sentences that are unfinished

*Any unfinished work from class should be finished for homework.*

World History:

Mrs. Smith's family
Riggins, Mrs. Smith, and Coach Smith

Ryder Smith

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Students should be studying notes and vocabulary for the next test.  The textbook link below is a copy of the textbook, and students can use that at anytime to study. The PowerPoint is located on Mrs. Watts' web page.

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