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Jennifer Crabtree

Grades for this week

AM Skills- The students will receive grades from AM this week.  The students will work towards mastery on skills 35 to 60.  These are skills that I have taught through so far.   They will be given the skills they have not mastered this far. 

Students have started iReady lessons.  They can access the lessons from home in order to bridge the gap from where they are to where they should be in math.  If students are performing at grade level in math, they can work on sixth grade lessons.  

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September 16th to 20th

Skills for this week 
Students will continue to work on dividing whole numbers and dividing with decimals.  

The new skill for this week is dividing fractions.  There will be a test on Thursday on GCF/LCM, finding opposites, absolute value, and placing integers from least to greatest/greatest to least.

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 16th-

       Union Lady Jackets vs Southeast          Lauderdale Away at 6:00 & 7:00

Tuesday, September 17th 

      Junior High Pep Rally at 2:55

     Union Middle School Football 
        starting at 5:00 (at home)

     Union Lady Jackets vs Ethel                 Away   5:00 & 6:00

Thursday, September 18th
  Union Lady Jackets vs French Camp Away 5:00 & 6:00

Contact Information:

Please be sure to sign up for Remind 101 for all classes.

To sign up for Remind 101, text  @mathums to the number 81010. You should be signed up to receive classroom reminders from me once you enter that text. Also, you can also communicate with me through Remind 101 as well. 

   Other Contact Information:

 If you need assistance or have a question, please email or call me.

Email:  crabtreej@unionyellow


Phone:  601-774-5303