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Jennifer Crabtree

Skills for this week 
The students will learn how to recognize a statistical question and how to display data when data is collected.  

IReady is a math help to the students if they are struggling to be on grade level. This computer program can get them caught up to their current grade level.  If the students have internet access and a computer at home, this is a program offers online help for each math skill and lesson given.

Accelerated Math- I am now printing out Accelerated Math, so the students can stay caught up with the mastered skills required.  The students should have fifty skills so far. 


Tests this week

Science quiz will be given on Thursday this week.

The students will have a quiz grade on Thursday from the worksheet packet on equations and inequalities.

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Upcoming Events

Jan. 15 - MLK holiday

Jan. 17 - Harvard recruiter

Feb. 2 - Cheer tryouts

Feb. 10 - MS Pageant


The students will finish chapter 5, section 1 in the science textbook on Energy.  This week the students will learn about potential and kinetic energy.

There will be a science vocabulary quiz on Friday on the following terms and their study notes sheets:

  1. energy- the ability to do work or cause change
  2. kinetic energy-the energy an object has due to its motion 
  3. potential energy- stored energy that results from the position or shape of an object
  4. gravitational potential energy- potential energy related to an object's height
  5. elastic potential energy- the potential energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed

The notes from the study guide will also be on the quiz.  


Please be sure to sign up for Remind101 for all classes.

To sign up for Remind 101, text  @6b8627 from the number 81010. You should be signed up to receive classroom reminders from me once you enter that text.  

Contact Information:

If you need assistance or have a question, please email or call me.

Email:  crabtreej@unioncity.k12.ms.us

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