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Jennifer Crabtree

Grades for this week

AM Skills- The students will receive grades from AM diagnostics this week.  The students will work towards mastery on all 105 skills that I have taught on these diagnostic tests.  They will be given the skills they have not mastered this far. 

Grades for this week 
Grades will be taken from AM and Edulastic test practice questions.  

Students will also work on reviewing Statistic from the black workbook.  

IXL skills-FF.7, FF.14, and FF.15 should be completed. 

Students can work on any starred skill for practice.  

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Week of March 25th - 29th
Skills for this week 

Sixth graders this week will learn geometry skills.  We will 
work on finding the volume of a rectangular prism with fractional lengths and surface area.  

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