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Week of April 16-20 2018 Random Acts of Kindness: Spread it everywhere!!!!

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Continued Review on Equations and Expressions
Test on Thursday


School Attendance Cliparts
Do your best to be at school everyday!!!!

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Take time to complete your assignments!!!
Rhonda McCann
6th Grade Math & Science
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Room 207

April 20 - Scholastic Book order due

April 27 - Planet project due

May 8 - MAAP Math 

May 11 - Awards Day

May 14-16 - Final iReady diagnostics

May 16 - Exam Review Day

May 17-21 - Final Exams

May 22 - Assignment Makeups

May 23 - Students' Last Day

May 24 - Teachers' Last Day

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Text @gk3dfc to 8101


Letter Grades ABCDF

The UPSD grading scale:

 A = 90-100

B = 89-80

C = 79-70

D = 69-65

  F = 64 and Below


(Test on Thursday)

Chapter 20, Section 2

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Key Concepts: What effects are caused by the motions of Earth and the moon?

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