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Week of JANUARY 22-26, 2018

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Dependent and Independent Variables

dependent variable: a variable whose value depends on the values of one or more independent variables.
independent variable: a variable whose value determines the value of other variables.

****************************Math Quotes

"Decimals have a point."

"Success in math does not depend on how many answers you know, but by what you do when you don't know the answer."

"Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences, and number theory the queen of mathematics.."-- Carl Friedrich Gauss

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” – Paul Halmos

“Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes.” – Mickey Mouse


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Rhonda McCann
Rhonda McCann
6th Grade Math & Science

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Daily Spiral Math HW Sheet

February 2 - Cheer Tryouts 3:30- 5:00

February 3 - SuperJacket Saturday (fundraiser baseball and softball camps) 

February 10 - MS Pageant

February 19 - President's Day (We will have school this day to make up our SNOW DAY on Dec. 8th) 

March 6-9 - 3rd 9 weeks benchmarks

March 12-16 - Spring Break 

March 30 - Good Friday (No school)

April 2 - Easter Monday (School Holiday unless have to use for bad weather) 

May 8 - MAAP Math 

May 11 - Awards Day

May 14-16 - Final iReady diagnostics

May 16 - Exam Review Day

May 17-21 - Final Exams

May 22 - Assignment Makeups

May 23 - Sex Ed.; Students' Last Day

May 24 - Teachers' Last Day

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Energy and Fossil Fuels 

  1. fossil fuel--fuels which include coal, petroleum, and natural gas.
  2. combustion--the process of burning fuels.
Science Quotes

“Science Skills Are Life Skills”

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.” – Bernard Baruch

If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.- Albert Einstein

“Science Is Worth Exploring.”

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Letter Grades ABCDF

The UPSD grading scale:

 A = 90-100

B = 89-80

C = 79-70

D = 69-65

  F = 64 and Below