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UMS Nurse

 Welcome back, students! My name is Kylie Whitehead, RN and
I am excited to be your new          School Nurse at Union Middle School. I will be working along side Nurse Cherie, but my primary location will be at the Middle School. It's going to be a 
WONDERFUL YEAR.  I am so excited to be a JACKET!!


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When possible, medications should be given to students at home. Medication may be administered during school hours, if necessary. Students are not allowed to carry medication to or from school. A parent or guardian must bring medication to school and register it with the school nurse or designated school personnel and sign the appropriate paperwork.

Medication MUST be in the original, labeled container.  Ask the Pharmacist for a second bottle, with the label, for school use. Any changes in medication or dosage will require a new written order from the doctor.

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