Superintendent of Education

Dr. Tyler C. Hansford

Greetings Jackets! It is my honor to serve as the superintendent of education in this school district. Union is home for me, and I’m glad you’ve decided to make it home for you. We are proud of the tradition of excellence that has been established here in Union for as long as we all can remember. That tradition has not been developed simply by chance. It’s there because the people of this community expect excellence from this school. As a community, we work together to produce students who are college and career ready when they leave us. We understand our role is to prepare the workforce to support this community and surrounding communities. We take that role very seriously. At Union, you’ll find rigorous coursework and competitive extra-curricular activities. We work to develop a supportive environment that grows the whole child, not just the academic child. We ask you to partner with us as a school district to provide the best possible education for the children of this community. Let’s go Jackets!

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