This school district shall admit into its schools all eligible resident and legally transferred minor children who are at least five years old and not over 21 years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year. Each minor child shall attend school in the school district of his/her residence, unless legally transferred to another school district by the school board pursuant to Section 37-15-29 (1992).

Except for those students who have been legally transferred, each minor child seeking to enroll in this school district will be a school district resident.

Any new student enrolling in this school district or any continuing student whose residence has changed will be accompanied to enrollment by his/her parent/guardian who will register the minor child for admission, except students who have been legally transferred. The student's parent or legal guardian will be required to verify his/her residence as herein provided as part of the registration process. In the case of separated or divorced parents, court orders and decrees involving custody of children will be controlling.

In accordance with the laws of the State of Mississippi, in order to be admitted to kindergarten, students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year. First grade students must be 6 years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year. Certificates of Immunization andVaccination are required upon entering school. This affects all students in grades K- 12. For any child enrolling in kindergarten, a certified birth certificate must be presented upon admission. The birth certificate must be from the Bureau of Vital Statistics or from the State Department for students born overseas. Hospital records, baptismal records, etc., will not be acceptable. No other birth certificate is acceptable. All students enrolled in school currently should have a certified birth certificate on file. Any student not having this document on file will be given a specified amount of time to produce the document. Refusal to do so may result in the suspension of the student until the certified birth certificate is produced.

If a student is transferring into the Union Public School District from a school accredited by a state or regional accrediting agency, an official transcript mailed directly from the office of the school previously attended will be required. A report card or transfer papers from the previous school attended may be used for temporary class placement.

Students transferring into the Union Public School District from a non-accredited school or home schooling must be given appropriate placement tests (grades K-8) and term tests (grades 9 - 12) as determined by school officials.

The student's Social Security number is required.

Residence Verification Procedure

As a result of the Residency Verification Procedure adopted as a policy of the Mississippi Board of Education on April 20, 1990, each parent or legal guardian or other adult with whom a student lives must provide to the school administration the following documents.

A copy of at least two of the following items of verification of residence is essential. These items must

reflect a street address or designated road address.

a. Filed Homestead Exemption Application form

b. Mortgage documents or property deed

c. Apartment or home lease

d. Utility bills

e. Driver's license listing present address

f. Voter precinct identification

g. Automobile registration

h. Affidavit of residence and/or personal visit by designated school district official at district option

i. Any other documentation that in the determination of the School Board will objectively and unequivocally establish that the parent or guardian resides within the school district If one is the legal guardian of the student, he/she must also provide a copy of the court order signed by a judge appointing him/her as guardian.

Out of District Students

Students who live in another school district and wish to attend this school must obtain a transfer permit from their district's school board. This permit must be approved by the Union School Board. These students are responsible for their own transportation.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 12 must have a certificate of immunization compliance from his/her doctor or from the health department on file in the student’s permanent record. New students enrolling from out-of-state must present this compliance upon enrollment. Any student not having this compliance on file will be given a specified length of time to present this compliance. Refusal to present this compliance may result in the suspension of the student from school until the compliance is presented.

Transfer and Withdrawal of Students

In the event it is necessary for a student to withdraw from school, the following method of withdrawal should be used:

• School officials should be notified a least one-day prior to the withdrawal of a student.

• The student's parent must come to the principal's office and officially withdraw his/her child. All books and fines must be cleared before official withdrawal is completed and the student's academic record is cleared.

• The records clerk is authorized to release Union Public Schools education reports or records when an official written request is received from the school district to which the student is transferred. (A parent or legal guardian has the right to review his/her child's school records.)

• A student leaving the Union Public School system may obtain a record of the student's work to date for the current term. Reports may be held if the student has any indebtedness to the school (lunchroom, workbooks, library, textbooks, damages, etc.).

Transferring Out of District (Policy JBCD)

No student will be given a transfer to another school district after the start of the school year. Exceptions may be allowed in cases where the safety or well being of the students involved.