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Hey Kiddos! When we left on the Friday before Spring Break, we thought we would all be back together in a week. Well, as you know...things changed. We miss each of you and hope it won't be long before we are all back into our normal routine at school. Until then, we are thinking of ways to help you stay caught up with what we would be doing if we were at school. We know this all is very different and seems strange, but we will be just fine. We are attaching a "Student Resources" link (and a few others that we use at school), so you can access things that you are familiar with from your home. We will all learn together and figure it out. We are also gathering up some math and reading materials for each of you. We know some of you may not have access to internet or computers at home. We just want to make sure you have materials to keep your smart brains from “relaxing too much”😜. We are giving you access to write back to us and to one another in Google Classroom. If you are having trouble getting to Google Classroom, we have also included our emails on this page for questions you may have.

One more thing ... we have all of your password information. We have included these in the bags that your parents will be able to pick up from the school along with your report cards. We know most of you know your information already.

*Nothing you work on will be taken for a grade. We just want you to try work about 1-2 hours daily so that you will remember skills and keep all the knowledge that you have gained this year. We love each of you and will see you very soon! ❤

*****You will need a code to login to "Epic Books" and "Scholastic."******

All Fourth Graders use Scholastic Code: PHHKLN9

Loren Robinson Epic Code: hlc8004

Whitney Capps Epic Code: hys5616

Leanne Robinson Epic Code: ubb9562

Links for Websites (Just Click the Name to go to the Site)

Epic Books




Pearson Realize (Math)

Scholastic News

Our emails if you need anything or have any questions:

Loren Robinson:

Leanne Robinson:

Whitney Capps:

For more ways to help your fourth grader at home, check out the "Family Guide to Student Success Link Below.

Family Guide to Student Success