Learning Websites

Virtual Field Trips -- Take on-line field trips to museums, farms, Mars, and more!

Google Earth Virtual Tours

Maker Stations -- 15 challenges to make things from things you may find around your house

Imagineering in a Box -- Become a Disney Imagineer as you learn how to design your own theme park! (This will probably be best for fourth grade.)

New Stuff!

Reef Relief: Ecosystems and Food Chains -- videos and science activities to learn about coral reefs and their importance to food chains

NASA Stem from Home -- Science, technology, engineering, and math activities you can do at home (Some may need a parent or older sibling to help you!)

NASA Learning Space -- videos and activities for families

Exploding Dots -- Figure out the math puzzles!

Steve Spangler Science at Home -- lots of videos with cool science experiments and demonstrations you can try at home

Prufrock Press Thinking Skills Activities -- 35 pages of logic puzzles, math bafflers, word bogglers, and more

Houston Museum of Natural Science at Home -- videos, blog posts, tutorials, and virtual museum tours

Poetry Engine -- Learn about and create different kinds of poetry!


Code.org -- coding games -- Use your log-in so that you can work through the puzzles and learn a new skill with each one.

Second Grade -- Click to go to the log in page. Your login information is here.

Third Grade -- Click to go to the log in page. Your login information is here.

Fourth Grade -- Click to go to the log in page. Your login information is here.

Code Combat -- coding game


Chesskid -- Play against the computer or play chess logic games. Log in at the top right to work through lessons or play a game against another kid. (Chat functions should be disabled.)

Click here for Chesskid login information. Scroll down to find your name.

Kids' Chess EZChess -- https://www.kidchess.com/play-chess/ezchess/ -- Play against the computer.

Kids' Chess Puzzles -- https://www.kidchess.com/learn-chess/kid-chess-puzzles/

Kids' Chess Checkmate the King Puzzles -- https://www.kidchess.com/play-chess/checkmate-the-king/

Daily Chess Puzzles -- https://www.chesspuzzles.com/

Learn More About...

Bloom! Plant Power -- Become one of the next generation of plant experts!

Mystery Science -- Mystery Science is providing lessons during school closings. The mini-lessons on the left are videos about different topics grouped by grade level.

ByrdSeed.TV -- lots of videos, games, and other things for gifted kids

History for Kids

BBC History for Kids -- articles, games, and quizzes to learn about history

National Geographic Kids





Magic Tree House -- Learn about people, places, and events from around the world.

Videos to Learn About...

Extraordinary Octopus Takes to Land -- Warning! This one is kind-of creepy, especially if you're a crab!

The Kid Should See This -- Cool videos for kids

Career Exploration Games

Other Websites

Set Daily Puzzles -- Each day there are several new picture puzzles. (Instructions for Set can be found by clicking here.)

Secret Number -- Use logic to guess the secret number.

Google Chrome Music Lab -- Try out different musical experiments. Use headphones for this one!

AI for Oceans -- Learn more about how computers learn (and how you can teach them) and ways that artificial intelligence can be used to help save our oceans.

Create a Graph

Word Art

Duolingo -- language learning games

Wonderopolis -- A wonder of the day

Book Creator -- Create your own books. You'll need a class code.

Google Quick Draw -- Help teach the computer to recognize doodling.

Mensa for Kids -- thinking and learning games

NASA Kids' Club

Nova Labs -- Cool science labs from NOVA