Middle School

Welcome to Union Middle School

I am honored to serve my 4th year as Principal of Union Middle School during the 2017-2018 school year. I extend my sincere thanks for sharing your children with me this year. I look forward to serving with a highly qualified staff and excellent students to provide the best educational program possible.

I am a graduate of Union High School, and I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University. I hold a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at William Carey University. 

I am very passionate about education and students, and I know that we (staff, parents, and community) can work together to provide a rich educational experience that will continue to make our schools even better than they already are. I am very excited to give back to the kids and the community and I look forward to building on the already established tradition of excellence. 

Parents, teachers, support staff, and administration all have an important role to facilitate and encourage our children to take charge of their educations by becoming active learners. Parents, I encourage you to visit your child's school. Sit in the classroom. Observe what is going on.

Our theme this year is:

Let's have a great year and Go Jackets!


Tyler C. Hansford
Union Middle School
Upcoming Events

Jan. 15 - MLK holiday

Jan. 17 - Harvard recruiter

Jan. 22 - 8th grade parent meeting (6:00)

Feb. 2 - Cheer tryouts

Feb. 10 - MS Pageant

Feb. 24 - SB at Taylorsville

Feb. 26 - Jr. High BBall HOME w/ Stringer

Feb. 27 - SB at Newton County

Mar. 1 - Jr. High BBall at Stringer; SB at NE Lauderdale

Mar. 2 - SB at Sebastopol

Mar. 3 - SB HOME tourney

Mar. 5 - Jr. High BBall HOME w/ Morton; SB HOME with Newton County

Mar. 7-9 - Benchmark Testing

Mar. 8 - Jr. High BBall at Morton; SB HOME Newton

Mar. 9 - SB HOME Meridian

Mar. 12-19 - Spring Break

Mar. 12 - Jr. High BBall at Neshoba

Mar. 16-17 - SB at Clarkdale

Mar. 19 - Jr. High BBall at Scott Central; SB HOME West Lauderdale

Mar. 22 - Jr. High BBall HOME w/ Scott Central; SB HOME Scott Central

Mar. 26 - Jr. High BBall HOME w/ Newton

Mar. 27 - SB at Philly

Mar. 28-30 - Jr. Beta Convention

Mar. 29 - SB HOME Lake

Apr. 2 - Easter Holiday; Jr. High BBall at Newton

Apr. 3 - SB at Newton

Apr. 5 - Jr. High BBall HOME with Choctaw

Apr. 6 - SB HOME Sebastopol

Apr. 7 - SB NW Rankin HOME

Apr. 9 - Jr. High BBall at Choctaw

Apr. 10 - SB at Scott Central

Apr. 12 - Jr. High BBall HOME w/ Nanih Waiya; SB HOME Philly

Apr. 13 - SB HOME Neshoba

Apr. 16 - SB at Meridian

Apr. 17 - SB at Lake

Apr. 26-27 7/8 MAAP ELA and Mrs. Goforth

May 1-2 - 5/6 MAAP ELA minus Mrs. Goforth

May 3 - 5/8 Science

May 7 - 7/8 MAAP Math and Mrs. Goforth

May 8 - 5/6 MAAP Math minus Mrs. Goforth

May 11 - MS Awards Day

May 14-16 - Final iReady diagnostics

May 16 - Exam Review Day

May 17 - HS Graduation

May 17-21 - Final Exams

May 22 - Assignment Makeups

May 23 - Sex Ed.; Students' Last Day

May 24 - Teachers' Last Day