Yellow Jacket 


Coach: Jordan Wren


Mission Statement

 The goal of the Union High School football program is to be the best in the state of Mississippi. We aim to develop athletes who will become leaders in the classrooms and in the hallways. This will lead them to be better employees and for some great bosses. We take great pride in knowing that our program will build a strong foundation for developing young men into better sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers. We expect our players to be held to higher standards both on the field of competition and in the classroom. We want our athletes to become great citizens in the future.


We will base our program off learning and understanding the PROCESS.

P- Physicality: Win football games because we are more physical than our opponent.

R- Relentless Pursuit: We will play with maximum effort between the whistles.

O- Overcome Obstacles: Learn how to handle adversity. People who rise in the face of adversity will always be successful.

C- Commitment: Be committed to your teammates.

E- Effort: You are in control of your effort. Bring it to the classroom, the field, and the community.

S- Superior: Be great at your responsibilities. People who join the crowd often gets lost in it.

S- Student: Football is a great teachers of life, but you will only get a short time to play. Your EDUCATION will last forever. Be a great student.