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iReady Reading and Math

Each child is encouraged to work on their learning path on iReady. Extra lessons will be assigned by their teacher based on their specific needs. Please work on both reading and math.

Renaissance (AR)

Go to Student Resources and Click Renaissance Learning

Student Resources

Your child may take AR quizzes on books that he/she has read or listened to at least three times. 

You may look up AR books, quiz numbers, and book levels on AR Book Find.

Storyline Online

This site contains a library of books that are read aloud. Your child can listen and take AR quizzes on these.

Prodigy Math

Login to instantly receive engaging, curriculum-aligned math content! Your students are placed on the first grade level.

MDE Guide for At-Home Resources

Link to Resources

The MS Department of Education has compiled learning activities, example videos, and digital resources that are aligned with the Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards to continue and reinforce your child's education. Parents and caregivers should promote good screen time practices when students are online continuing their studies, playing games, or socializing with friends and family. 

Ready Reading 

These workbook pages are to be used at your disposal. We highly encourage you to progress through these as school is closed. 

To access the trade books for reading lessons, just type the title and author into YouTube for a read aloud. The picture of the book is located in the top right corner of each page. 

Saxon Readers 

These small paper books are included for your child to practice reading with the phonics skills. 

Fluency Passage

We highly encourage you to allow your child to practice the fluency passages for one minute each night. 

Sight Words

Please continue to practice sight words with your child! Pinterest has lots of fun ways to learn these. Each child has a list in their binder and in the packet sent home in the bags.

Phonics Skills

Long Vowel/sneaky e

Sneaky e

Sneaky e (2)

Digraph Review

Digraph ck

Digraph sh

Digraph th

Digraph oo (short)

Digraph oo (long)


Bossy R

Combination or

Combination ar

Combination er

vc, cv rule

Pearson Envision Math 2.0

These workbook pages are to be used at your disposal. We highly encourage you to progress through these as school is closed. 

Homework Packets

The homework packets included in your child's bag contained both reading and math practice. You may use these for extra practice on math skills. 

Addition and Subtraction Fluency

We encourage you to work with your child on addition and subtraction facts to 20. The more fluent they are with these now, the more successful they will be in first grade!

Count to 100 by 1, 5, 10

Help your child practice counting to 100 by 1, 5, and 10! There are fun Jack Hartmann videos on YouTube that can help with this.

Reading Readiness  - Click this link for helpful sites with games and activities to reinforce reading and pre-reading skills.  Parents, please use these at home with your children.