District Updates

November 12 | 10:00 am | Transitional Virtual Learning Period

November 12, 2020

Due to concern over already high numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state and community and the increased likelihood of student exposure to COVID-19 during the Thanksgiving break, Union Public School District will make a one-week transition to virtual learning following the Thanksgiving holiday as a proactive measure in hopes of having a strong, healthy, uninterrupted finish to the semester. This is planned for grades Pre-K through 12 from November 30 until December 4. Certain high school students described below are still required to attend in person and will be socially distanced in alternate classroom locations as needed. All school staff will be on campus assisting students as they continue their learning remotely. More information about student assignments and available teacher supports and interactions for November 30 - December 4 will be forthcoming.

High school students who are currently enrolled in the following courses will be required to attend those classes on campus: Algebra I, Biology I, English II, US History, Dual Credit English Comp, and Dual Credit Trigonometry. These students will be required to attend class in person due to state mandated subject area testing, which will occur the following week, December 7-11. Please be reminded that a passing score on all subject area tests is a requirement for graduation, so it is imperative that our students are attending class in person to make final preparations for the tests. Additionally, dual credit students are earning college credit and must complete the final requirements and hours in class to earn that credit.

Students required to attend classes on campus may remain on campus all day if needed due to transportation issues. High school students who need bus transportation to and from school need to email Mr. Nathan Williams at williamsn@unionyellowjackets.org by Wednesday, November 18, 2020. Buses will run at normal times in the morning and afternoon.

Breakfast and lunch pick up for preK-12 will be at the front of UHS from 10:30-12:30 daily. Options for meal delivery are being made now and information about requesting meal delivery for the virtual week will be made available next week.

August 26 | 3:00 pm | Extended Hybrid Plan

August 26, 2020

Extended Hybrid Due to COVID-19

PreK-6th Grade

  • All students return to classes on Monday, Aug. 31, as originally planned.

    • The classes in these grades are smaller with an average class size of roughly 20.

    • The classes are cohorted, meaning all of the same students stay together throughout the day. This means quarantines would not affect nearly as many students as in older grades.

    • Independent learning at home is more difficult for younger students.

    • Students in need of extra assistance and those without other childcare options will attend on Fridays until 12:30. Parents, if you need your child to attend on Friday, please contact their teachers. All other students will learn remotely on Fridays. Friday’s assignments will be checked on Monday and count toward attendance on the previous Friday. This will extend through September 18, but could be extended longer, based on data.

7th-12th Grade

  • All 7-12 students will continue the hybrid model through September 18, 2020.

    • Students lacking reliable internet at home may attend daily with a letter from a parent certifying this.

    • Some students in need of special assistance will be requested by teachers to attend daily.

    • Any student in need of assistance may attend on Friday. Plans for Friday attendance should be made in advance with the student’s homeroom teacher to allow teachers adequate time for planning. School will be released at 12:30 each Friday.

    • Parents may change their child’s hybrid day choice one time by calling the school office, with a valid reason related to childcare or transportation.

    • Parents with true childcare issues may arrange for their child to attend daily by calling the school principal.

    • 7th and 8th grade students who need a device to take home will be issued one. High school students have already been assigned devices.

    • Remote learning assignments are REQUIRED. They are counted in grades and attendance is reported based on completion of remote learning assignments.

    • NOTE: Any students who attend daily due to lack of internet or childcare issues will not be a distraction to others in classrooms or cause disciplinary concerns. Any who do will lose the privilege of attending each day at the discretion of the school principal. Additionally, students who attend each day for these reasons will not receive more instruction than other students. They will work on their remote learning assignments in the classrooms while other students learn new content.

July 24 | 3:00 pm | Return to Learn Quick Reference Guide

This condensed guide has been put together as a quick reference when needed. Please refer to the full re-entry plan if you do not find the answers to your questions in the following document:

Return to Learn Quick Reference Guide

July 24 | 9:30 am | Extended Staggered Start | 2020-2021 School Year

Due to the elevated number of positive COVID-19 cases, UPSD is extending its staggered school re-entry through August 28. Under this plan, students will attend on-campus learning 2 days per week and complete remote work 3 days per week. Fridays will be remote for all students. In the interest of helping parents plan for their children, we are asking parents to give their preference on whether their students attend on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday. Students will have remote assignments for days they are not on campus, and attendance will be taken for remote days, under guidelines from the Mississippi Department of Education.

Students with last names A-I will still attend their first day on August 5 and students with last names J-Z will still attend on August 6.

Parents, please complete the survey at this link (https://forms.gle/DZ16rxDKBfe4BsLw9) one time for each student you have enrolled at UPSD. Students without a completed survey will be placed on days in the interest of keeping numbers low and balanced.

July 22 | 1:00 pm | Supply Fees | 2020-2021 School Year

Supply fees should be paid before the first day of the new school year. You can pay supply fees in the high school cafeteria at the following times:

  • Wednesday, July 22 7-7

  • Thursday, July 23 7-7

  • Friday, July 24 12-7

  • Monday, July 27 7-3

  • Tuesday, July 28 11-7

  • Wednesday, July 29 7-3

  • Thursday, July 30 11-7

  • Friday, July 31 7-12

Supply fees are as follows:

  • Kindergarten: $40

  • Grades 1 - 8: $30

  • Grades 9 - 12: $10

July 15 | 2:30 pm | Staggered Start Dates | 2020-2021 School Year

As communicated in our re-entry plan, we will begin the school year with staggered start dates on August 5th and 6th.

  • All students whose last names begin with A - I will be on campus August 5th.

  • All students whose last names begin with J - Z will be on campus August 6th.

  • August 7th will be a virtual learning day for all students. No students will come to school August 7th.

  • All students will return to campus together on August 10th.